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Our Mission

" Saving the World One Body at a Time "

EWG, May, 2019

"More Than 1400 Chemicals Banned Around the World. Only 8 are Banned and 3 are Restricted in the US"

Mission Story

Quench Naturel was born out of need. Gina has lived with eczema her entire life. When her daughter experienced the same physical and emotional discomfort she was moved to action. Reviewing the ingredients in the dermatologist prescribed steroid cream for her daughter, she knew there had to be a better way. She researched and formulated what would become “Get Whipped Body Soufflé,” our first product. While sharing her new creation with women at a salon, someone said, “Wow! This stuff is so great and luxurious; you should sell it!”

Later that day Gina stopped by Allana’s home and found her hunched over her computer looking for a stay at home job selling online. Gina said, “ Why sell somebody else’s product when you could help me?” Allana looked up and said, “Can I design the logo?”

With that, these two mamas got busy creating Quench Naturel. Initially, the desire was to use a co-packing company and simply “Quench Naturelize” the existing product by adding herbs and essential oils. The ladies quickly came to realize what was available in the market, even those claiming natural and organic, weren’t nearly as clean as they wanted their product to be. They were at a crossroads: Build the business using products that didn’t completely meet their standards, give up or, as Allana pointed out “We’re smart. How hard can it be? Let’s make it ourselves!” This is how Quench Naturel was born.

On February 14, 2017, the day symbolizing LOVE, Gina and Allana went to downtown Phoenix, Arizona and filed for their business license.

This is when the real fun began. Together, they researched ingredients and took classes to learn how to create the products and design the brand that would grow into Quench Naturel.

The focus has always been to find new and different plant-based ingredients to meet their vision of what Naturel should be. Along the way, they learned about a practice called greenwashing, and the Environmental Working Group (EWG). They were appalled by the fact that the US FDA does not regulate the term “natural.” They were horrified to learn that more than 1,400 ingredients have been banned from face and body care products around the world; however, in the United States, only 8 are banned and 3 are restricted.

Gina and Allana set out to create products that met their own needs and higher standards. They also knew they wanted to create a "natural" that was better than what they were finding. They wanted to make their higher standards more affordable so more people could bring pure products into their lives and the lives of their families and friends.  

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Owner/Product Development

Gina Mynatt-Galdi 

Gina has always been passionate about the body care products she used for both herself and her daughter’s severe eczema.

Starting her career over 30 years ago in the hospitality industry afforded her the opportunity to travel and experience the world, different cultures and natural healing methods. Living in eight exotic countries introduced Gina to a plethora of organic and natural products she used to create her own elixirs. 
Having a passion and background in cooking was the perfect combination for creating natural products. Searching globally for natural skin care products became her mission. In 2015, she finally made the decision to create her own creams. Through years of research and trial and error with other products on the market, Gina formulated our signature Body Soufflé, Get Whipped. It is her passion and mission to continue to create natural, luxurious yet affordable products to help people stay hydrated, healthy and happy.

Owner/Brand Development


Growing up, Allana always had big dreams of a life filled with business suits and boardrooms. She went on to get her Organizational Management degree, a Human Resources minor, and a Certification in Project Management.

Professionally, Allana has a wide range of experience including working with some of the biggest designers in fashion, leading teams, auditing and rewriting organizational processes, managing multimillion dollar accounts, overseeing international projects and managing property in major cities. The industries and responsibilities varied but the focus was always on the customer experience.

As an only child, Allana never imagined she would one day be a mother of four boys. Motherhood definitely changed her path, but Quench Naturel has become a way for her to apply her talents, and live out her dreams and help people live more healthy lives by removing chemicals from their body care products. 

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