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Why Quench Naturel uses Aloe vera instead of water and why you wouldn’t want it any other way

Posted by Allana Taylor on
Why Quench Naturel uses Aloe vera instead of water and why you wouldn’t want it any other way

An aid to Kings and Queens of deserts all around the world, Aloe vera grows abundant here in the Sonoran Desert too. The natives of this land praised the aloe plant just like the ancient Egyptians did. Aloe has been used in these parts to help with skin irritations, minor burns, dry and aging skin, and hair loss. It is made to support the life of the desert and does so through its gelly insides and its flowers. Both provide food and medicine for the beings that call the desert home.

Check out these uses of Aloe vera and learn how to properly cut and use the plant. 

Aloe is good for our insides too and is great for detoxing our guts. Once the gel is removed from the skin and consumed, it instantly starts to gather up trash from inside our body, just as gel-like substances normally do. Imagine Aloe gel rolled around in dirt…our body has dirt that needs to be removed and will be released through our detox organs or our digestive system. Aloe supports the digestive system by ridding it of a lot of that dirt. Chia seeds and flax seeds have similar gelly properties and work the same. Aloe is also known to work well as a laxative and is soothing for hemorrhoids.

Aloe is a plant of many uses. This must be why it is known as “the plant of immortality”. Not only will it help keep your body healthy and your skin young and supple, it is also used for spiritual guidance for the keen observer.

“According to Rudolf Steiner, the aloe represents the moon in conflict with the sun – relating to the high liquid content of the plant. A main characteristic is the tension between the ethereal and the astral. A special facet of the aloe plant is its ability to organise the water, to maintain life and to reproduce (numerous offshoots!) in dire conditions: heat, wind, dryness. Due to its robust outer layer and its myriad webbed inner vein system the aloe manages to maintain its moistness by preventing evaporation; it is a truly remarkable survivor of nature.” – (

Aloe Vera is a guidance counselor for the life that shares its environment. It teaches preservation, resilience and the need to protect our water sources in these drier than most lands. It is there for us to use when we don’t protect our water sources though it does not do all that work just for us. Cacti are the most self-preserving beings on the Earth. Their ability to survive and thrive in the desert sky is truly remarkable! Life in the desert is made to make it no matter how hard it gets

We are grateful to have our foundation in the desert and to have access to this ancient plant.

Why Quench Naturel uses Aloe vera instead of water in our recipes?

If you are a natural body care product user already, you know that reading the backs of your beauty products is mandatory. We cannot depend on large and bright marketing words like “Organic” or “Vegan” or “Eco-friendly” placed strategically on the front of commercial brands. Many companies use these words and even specific color palettes to attract unconscious, well-meaning customers looking for safe products to use in their homes. The technique is called Greenwashing and it is a common marketing practice used by many large commercial businesses. Check this blog out to learn more about Greenwashing and why choosing locally and handmade products will keep you from the risk of being Greenwashed.

Looking at the back of lotions and other skin moisturizers, many times the first ingredient is water. When you look at the back of a Quench Naturel’s lotions you will find Aloe vera as the first ingredient and we feel really good about it. Like we say “water is for bathing, Aloe vera is for healing skin”!

So why would we use water in our body lotions? We want our products to not only moisturize the skin, we want them to heal! So, we select plants to add additional levels of benefits to all of our products. Aloe vera used in place of water adds anti-bacterial, anti-inflammation and deeply soothing properties to the recipe instantly.

Why would we follow the crowd and use something that will dilute our potent plant oils, butters and powders?

Quench Naturel uses a list of powerful plant ingredients that all support cellular regeneration and healing on the inside and out. We want our ingredients to shine when combined and Aloe vera helps us accomplish this goal! It is the perfect companion to our daytime and nighttime creams and helps add moisture to the face in our Q24 toner. Q24 is all about replacing the moisture we naturally lose from environment, aging and stress. Using Aloe vera instead of water might cost more, though the benefits far outweigh the difference. We make our products to work. We use water to rinse our faces after our mud mask facials not to replenish our natural moisture levels.

When you shop with Quench Naturel, you can not only be sure that you are truly getting an all-natural, toxin-free product, you can also feel good knowing that the two women behind these recipes, are choosing ingredients that will actually help your skin, teeth, body and hair (and even your insides too!) We are on a mission to save this world from toxin overload, one body at a time!

We welcome you to join us in our mission and check out our entire beauty care line here!

If you haven’t made the switch from commercial products to handmade, small  batch body products, check this blog out and learn more about why you need to pull the trigger and ditch the machine made body care. You and your body deserve better.

Start 2020 off right and break up with the commercial stuff! We are here to support you along your journey!

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