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What’s more shocking? Going au naturel? Or how chemicals in our body products cause illness?

Posted by Allana Taylor on
What’s more shocking? Going au naturel? Or how chemicals in our body products cause illness?

It is interesting to think of a time when women did not shave their underarm hair mostly because they weren’t revealing their underarms. The story is that in 1915 Gillette, the world-famous razor maker, made its first razor for women to assist with the removal of objectionable hair. Along with the new product came the sleeveless dress/shirt and the trend of women shaving regularly became the norm.

The 1st antiperspirant was released onto the market in 1903, so by the time this new trend caught on, deodorant was working overtime to keep these newly exposed armpits dry and neutral smelling. I imagine few paid much attention to what they were applying to their skin. Life was changing for women and we all seemed to ride the wave.

Over 100 years later, we now know that the chemical construction Gillette introduced to the women around the Earth is actually aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly, an aluminum-based product that plugs the sweat glands, keeping the body from perspiring. There have been numerous studies done monitoring the effects of these chemicals on women’s breast tissue and lymph nodes. The results are mostly inconclusive, though the research continues due to the extreme toxicity of aluminum on the human body and its link to dementia and cancer.

Women of today have some choices to make when it comes to personal body care; we can follow the trends and continue to risk our health through toxin filled commercial deodorants, or we can go au naturel and support our body’s whole experience.

We say it in the name, Quench Naturel is staying au naturel!

So, what do we mean by au naturel? Does this mean I have to have hairy underarms too?

Of course not! While armpit hair is thought to help wick away moisture, keep odor-causing bacteria off the skin, and makes life just a little easier (because honestly, shaving is a time-consuming chore which often ends in bloodshed), it is not needed to be aligned with your natural self.  Truth be told I shaved shortly after this picture, although I totally support a woman to live her truth in any way she pleases.  Armpit hair is just not for me.

Natural deodorant can be used with shaved or unshaved armpits and is actually much safer to use when we do decide to shave! After shaving we expose our lower layers of skin and open even more absorption pathways into our body. Slathering on aluminum-based antiperspirant onto freshly shaved skin is not a good idea. We are literally creating the opportunity for our body to absorb aluminum and other toxic chemicals. Scientists do say that there is no way to get sick from topical use of aluminum-based products due to the low levels actually stored. Though if we know that aluminum is a metal not naturally found in our body, we might want to opt-out of using it on our body, especially when there are so many alternative options!

Ditching the commercial antiperspirant/deodorant might be a big deal that even includes a mild detox period. Though, at the end of the switch, you will be happy you went for it. Natural deodorant, like our Pure and Simple is just like the name implies; pure and includes ingredients you can pronounce. Our formula is great for those with sensitive skin because we don’t use Baking Soda (aka Sodium Bicarbonate).  Our use of a blend of Arrowroot and Diatomaceasous Earth eliminates the chemical reaction that causes the rashes that many suffer when switching to natural deodorants with Baking Soda.  Even more important is the added benefit of the natural detoxification Diatomaceous Earth gives our body.  Diatomaceous Earth helps your body do what it was designed to do, pass toxins out of our sweat glands through our armpits.  Finally, our use of Organic Essential Oils naturally helps to balance healthy bacteria while eliminating the odor-causing bacteria.  Essential Oils also supports detox process that is so critical to our overall health by allowing our body to breath and do what it naturally does.

Of course, you can go all the way all-natural and skip shaving and deodorant all together. Though, you must be prepared to deal with the offended looks of co-workers and friends. Folks aren’t too accepting of natural body odor, though in some countries these smells are very normal, in our modern city they are not. Shaving still has a sense of privacy attached to it, though opting out of deodorant is just not an option for most of us in the city.

Though we can use high quality, chemical-free detoxing deodorant like our Sweet Moringa Citrus Earth deodorant. This blend helps control sweating odor with our proprietary more unisex essential oil blend that combine the Earthy scents of Cedarwood with the citrusy aromas of Petitgrain and Lime.  Along with locally grown Organic Moringa and the antibacterial properties of locally harvested honey from humanely raised bees.

Finally, not be overlooked is our use of Organic Cocoa and Shea butters which condition and soothe your skin in a way no chemical-based deodorant can do, which will have you saying good-bye to razor burn forever!

Here are a few tips we have when using all-natural deodorant:

#1 – Have 2 or 3 different bars of deodorant that you love and rotate use every 2-3 weeks. This will keep your body from building up a resistance and keep your deodorant working.

#2 – Don’t be afraid to use a warm cloth to freshen up if your deodorant stopped working. Wipe your armpits down, let them dry and reapply if necessary.

#3 – Eat a high plant-based diet and keep your insides clean. Healthy body odor starts from within. Eat lots of greens and dark-colored plants daily.

BONUS TIP #4 – If you find that you are still experiencing odor you can apply a little Tea Tree or Lemon Oil prior to applying your natural deodorant.

Stay tuned as we learn more about our largest detox organ, our skin, and how all-natural deodorant supports it!

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