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The natural UV protection of plants!

Posted by Allana Taylor on
The natural UV protection of plants!
Plants and man go hand in hand. We have all grown next to one another since the beginning of time as we know it and the bond has not weakened even bit. Humans today seem to barely remember the foundational relationship they share with plants. Plants keep doing their thing; learning all about our environment and how to survive it. We turn to them daily and they openly share their lessons.
Like the picture to the left says, the human is DESIGNED to use plants. We are literally made up of the same structures that plants are made up of. We use their energy (photosynthesis) for our energy, we use their blood (chlorophyll) for our blood and we even use their body (proteins) to build our body. When we consume plants or apply them onto our body, we quickly begin to assimilate the vibrations that the plant produces itself and intake this frequency.
If the plant is really good at growing tall, we will receive strong growing energy. If the plant is really good at digging deep and surviving underground, we will have access to strong grounding vibes and if the plant is really good at growing in a super hot environment, we will build up a natural protection against the heat.
THIS is why Quench Naturel uses plants like we do in each and every one of our recipes. We know that the skills of plants equal the skills of the friends of plants. We are friends of plants and are grateful to share their healing secrets with all of you, our customers!

How plants protect us from harmful UV waves and radiation

Think of the last summer garden you were in. Imagine yourself standing amongst the butterflies and bees, the ripening melons, the flowering echinacea, the pounds of zucchini and the bright red tomatoes. Now think of the sun. You might feel it on your shoulders, your brow might get moist and you might want to stand under a tree. The summer sun is intense and plants do not have the ability to move to the shade. Well developed habitats will have multiple layers of plants growing including tall trees, large and small shrubs and ground covering plants too. In these ecosystems, plants have more built in protection from the sun and all of the elements.
Though without the layers of a forest, plants are wide open to the intense pressures of the surrounding environment. The summer sun, for instance, beats down from the early morning sun rise through the long summer evening. Fruit bearing plants use this sun to ripen for the late summer harvest. So how do these plants keep their dear seeds protected from the blazing sun?
First off, the plants fruit will probably be filled with water! Fruits are the BEST food for healthy skin! Eating and drinking lots of in season, fresh fruits will help keep our skin moist and ready for summer time. The water in these living beings is special water too. It is electric water; filled with the currents of the living force of life! This water not only quenches your thirst and adds moisture to your skin, it also shares the living frequency of life through its watery flesh! This is significant when looking to plants to heal!
Plants heal because they are pumping with life and when we consume the plant, we consume their LIFE!!!
When it comes to UV protection for our skin, plants like tomatoes and raspberries are really good at helping our skin have natural protection from the inside out! Lycopene is found in red plants like tomatoes and red berries and is a well known UV protecting phytochemical in the plant world.
From an article from the BBC:

“Our test was to establish whether eating tomato paste could help protect the skin from UV damage and UV-induced reddening. We took 23 women who were used to burning merely at the sight of the sun and asked half of them to eat 55g of tomato paste every day for 12 weeks (giving them 16mg of lycopene).

After 12 weeks of rigorously following the tomato paste diet we brought our women back to the lab and burnt them all over again. Was it all in vain? When tested again our volunteers on the lycopene diet had a 30% increase in skin protection.”

If you need protection from UV rays, who else better to ask for help than a plant that sits in the sun all day? Tomatoes use the sun to bring their fruit to life! These beings aka plants, have EVERYTHING we need to live in our environment! 
Tomatoes are not the only plants that do this though. Not even just red plants. ALL plants, ALL colors have the ability to protect themselves from the power of the sun and simultaneously use it for their survival. From an a study in the Advances in pharmacological sciences journal titled Use of Flavonoids and Cinnamates, the Main Photoprotectors with Natural Origin, they share that plants are made to absorb and disperse the sunlight and when we use them we get to use this skill!

“Flavonoids, tannins, alkaloids, anthraquinones, and polyphenols are secondary metabolites present in plants and considered natural sunscreens, since they have the property of absorbing light in the ultraviolet region []. Flavonoids have three different actions: capability of absorbing ultraviolet lights, antioxidant properties, and modulating several signaling pathways.” …

Cinnamon, carrots, parsley, purple cabbage and so many other plants have built in sun protection and they ALL happily share their super powers with anyone informed enough to use them!
Well, consider this as the information you need to make the decision to ALIGN WITH PLANTS today! Because this same study also discusses how dangerous topical commercial sunscreens can actually be to our bodies! Summer time is coming again like every year. Instead of waiting until the temperatures are high and the clothing is low, start using plants NOW and begin to build up your protection from the inside out and ditch the creamy sunscreen!

“Different studies show that, despite the fact that these sunscreens should be used on the skin surface, absorption, metabolization, accumulation, and elimination of some organic filters by the organism may occur. This percutaneous absorption can result in harmful processes to the health, such as contact dermatitis, mutations, cancer, estrogenic activity, or photosensitivity reactions []. …

Thus, the photoprotection from naturally occurring substances has gained considerable attention in recent years due to their wide range of biological activities. The development of sunscreens, which include natural products with a broad spectrum of efficacy and low toxicity, is of great interest to the cosmetic industry [].”

Our Quench 24 – Daytime Defense has both carrot seed oil and red raspberry seed oil which are both full of natural UV protection properties.
    High in antioxidants, Vitamin A & E which help in the prevention of wrinkles & stretch marks.  It’s natural SPF capabilities (35-40 UVA only).
    High in Vitamin E, provides basic sun protection (UVA), contains Fatty Acids (Omega 3, 6 & 9), and Phytosterols that promote collagen growth.
Quench 24 – Daytime Defense is formulated to provide full hydration with a matte finish.  Our Formula:
  • Promotes a Healthy Natural Glow
  • Combats Environmental Aggressors
  • Increases Collagen Production
  • Provides Protection from Free Radicals
  • Provide Natural SPF protection
Aloe Vera*, Glyceryl Stearate & Cetearyl Alcohol & Sodium Steryl Lactylate, Meadowfoam Seed, Babassu*Hemp* Oils, Phytocide Aspen Bark, Cetyl Alcohol, Shea Butter*, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Sodium Lactate, Candelilla Wax, Castor Oil, Vitamin E, Natural Pomegranate Seed Fragrance Oil,  Seabuckthorn Berry, Carrot Seed Oil, Natural Brazilian Mango Grapefruit Oil, Virgin Red Raspberry Seed Oil, LOVE 
Grab your Daytime Defense today HERE and start prepping your skin for summer time and feel better about enjoying the sun versus being worried about it!

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