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The multi-purpose uses of plants!

Posted by Allana Taylor on
The multi-purpose uses of plants!

Have you ever walked along a forest pathway and noticed the many different layers of plants that call the forest home? Like the picture above, the power of the forest is found in these multiple levels of life and how they work together interdependently. Forests are dense, concentrated plant breeding grounds and each plant there must be prepared to make it as an individual and for the community as a whole. Because in a forest, each plant matters, each plant is felt and each plant is honored for its own personal beauty and specialized survival skills.

So, what types of things do these plants need to protect themselves from? Their environment, of course, like us all. Though for plants, surviving an ever changing environment without the ability to move quickly, means being adaptable, intelligent and highly responsive. This is where many get confused about plants. How can they be so powerful if they can’t even move freely? (And plants do move, slowly and with intention. Entire forests shift across the land, slowly spreading out ahead. It looks different, though plants are mobile too!)

Let’s try something together. Let’s imagine that we are a plant, let’s say a dandelion. We are growing in an abandoned parking lot behind an auto repair shop. There are a bunch of us, plus purslane, chicory and St. John’s Wort. The Earth here is dry, disturbed often and full of city wildlife. In the summer months the sun beats down on us with no trees to protect our dark green leaves. In the winter, the frosty nights burn back our foliage and we send our energy underground to rest for the cold months. And every season, we are there still.

How do we protect ourselves from this harsh environment? Well, we each have a highly complex chemical production system, something like an immune system, that has the ability to blend and create hundreds of thousands of chemical compositions in a matter of seconds. This is a highly specialized system that protects us from sun damage, overgrazing and even pathogens.

It is why plants are considered to be adaptogens and it’s why we can all use plants in so many different ways that as a species, we really have nothing to worry about. Plants grow with the ability to survive almost any environment with their built in adaptation system and we get to borrow it when we use them.

Now plants all fill different niches in their environment. Each plant grows with complete intention. There are climbers, bushes, trees, roots and even super tall trees. Each one of these layers of the environment require a certain set of physical and energetic imprints from the plants. For instance, a vining plant would need to have built in sensory tips that navigate and explore for surface to grow on, leaves protected from bugs and pests that live on the tree the vine is growing up and even the ability to maybe reroot with ease incase the plant is ripped from the ground far away from the new growth. These requirements of the plant from its environment push the plant to live a certain way and as a result, their skills become highly developed.

How we can use plant survival skills to thrive in our environment

Our perfectly made world has all needs built in. The main reason Quench Naturel uses plants in all of our recipes is because we have learned that when we do we are capturing the healing/protective powers of plants in each of our hand packed containers! This makes our products naturally effective at helping us adapt to our ever changing environment.

We use different parts of each plant too, because just like the different niches, different parts of plants do different things. Roots have specific protective abilities that suit them underground and sun ripened fruit have their own built in adaptations. When we align with the plants need to protect itself in its environment, we find the best plants for the job! Plants that grow under the hot sun will have great sun protection properties to be used in sunscreen or a day cream and tree bark is really good for skin, helping kill bacteria and fungus because that’s what tree bark does for the tree!









When we use plants in our body care products and then use those products daily, we are constantly adding adaptogenic survival skill energy to our entire cellular body! Using plant-based body care is SO MUCH MORE than living a toxin free life! Using plant-based and toxin free body care products literally assist in our HEALING! Can you say that about your body product?

If not, we hope you clearly see, it is time to make the switch and ditch the commercial products made by machines! Our bodies deserve to be nourished and supported versus slowly degenerated and poisoned. Plants serve us in a multitude of ways to make this our reality! And they were born to do so! So align with plants and align with health and help us save the world one body at a time!

Check out our full ingredients list here and learn more about each plant ingredient we use and how we enjoy their multi-purpose flexibility on last weeks blog here!

Happy Friday!!!

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