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Side by side comparison: Your standard commercial “natural” brand vs Quench Naturel

Posted by Allana Taylor on
Side by side comparison: Your standard commercial “natural” brand vs Quench Naturel
One of the side effects of making a high quality, all natural body care line is noticing the ingredient lists of everything! Ingredients are so central for Quench Naturel, that we find ourselves looking at what ingredients are in the products we see constantly. Most commercially made products disappoint; the ingredient list is overflowing with words we have to practice to spell with dozens of additives and toxic laden chemicals.
So when we find ourselves looking at the “greener” options on the market and still find long lists of ingredients that the average customer is not familiar with, we take the time to learn about what is actually being used.
And we are happy to share that Quench continues to sit at the top of the list in pureness!
Do you remember what Greenwashing is? If you want to learn more or refresh your memory, check out this blog.
Before we get into the ingredient list on this popular alternative deodorant, let’s look at the packaging and learn more about what Greenwashing really looks like.

There are a few key marketing choices we can see here:

  • Obvious picture of plant/nature
  • Large lettering of plant/nature, in this case ALOE VERA
  • The use of shades of green
  • Large use of the word NO with big, scary words to prove its safety
  • Eco friendly logos
We also see the NEW LOOK in the top corner. This new design was a step by step marketing decision that was focused around making this product look more natural than the other options on the store shelves. And they did a good job. The entire look makes the customer feel like they are buying an intentional product and something that is beneficial to their body. So, what about the ingredients? Do they match the marketing strategy created especially for this deodorant?

List of ingredients:

Propanediol  – Helps ingredients to be absorbed
Water – We never use water
Glycerin – used for feel and glide, derived for Vegetable, Petroleum, or Animal byproduct, if not stated typically it is not Vegetable especially since this product is being marketed as “Natural”
Sodium Stearate – Emulsifier because of the use of water
Zinc Ricinoleate – deodorant base fatty acids helps trap odor
Polyglyceryl-3 Caprate – Emulsifier and filler
Aloe Juice
Grapefruit Oil
Allantoin – Moisturizer derived from plants or animal urine
Behenyl Alcohol – Emulsifier fatty acide
Glyceryl Stearate – emollient and a surfactant stabilizer
Silica – made of crushed glass may contain Quartz which can be a carcinogen.  Used for moisture absorption but can be an irritant
Baking soda – used for absorption Can be an irritant
Sucrose Cocoate – surfactant fatty acid
Vitamin E (in acetate) – learn more about the different vitamin E additives here
Corn Starch – Used for Absorption
Benzyl Benzoate – a preservative/bacteria killer ranged 1-3 on EWG used to kill lice and scabies
Hexyl Cinnamal – a fragrance additive ranged 2-5 on egg
Fragrance – Fragrances can be anything.  Fragrances are proprietary so their exact ingredients are not known.  They are among the most toxic things in body care.
Now let’s compare our Quench Naturel Pure and Simple bar
Arrowroot Powder lightweight and highly effective at absorbing excess oil and dampness.   It’s Non-GMO and milder than cornstarch or baking soda which makes it perfect for our Pure & Simple Deodorant.
Organic Cocoa Butter Contains cocoa mass polyphenols, which fight free radicals & stimulate collagen (anti-aging).  High in fatty acids, versatile, and great shelf life.
Organic Shea Butter– Contains Omega 9 & 6, Vitamins A & E, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Copper and Catechins, which is an antioxidant originally thought to only be in Green Tea.  With all these great attributes need we say more?
Diatomaceous Earth– A gentle abrasive, making it perfect for removing plaque without damaging enamel.  It is highly absorbent which lends itself to our deodorant.  DE is perfectly pH neutral so it won’t irritate skin.
Organic Coconut Oil– Lays on top of skin creating a seal that holds nutrients in the skin(acne sufferers may need to limit use in affected areas).  It is naturally antibacterial
Candelilla Wax A natural thickener and moisturizer. A vegan alternative to beeswax derived from the Candelilla Plant, native to the Chihuahuan Desert. It topically aids inflammation including acne, skin disorders and other skin allergic reactions
Diheptyl Succinate– A 100% vegetable derived, biodegradable emollient, derived from castor oil, that enhances the shine and texture of the hair and skin, while providing additional slip useful for detangling 
Organic Peppermint Oil, Organic Lavender Oil, Organic Tea Tree Oil– Natural scent that support cellular health and healing
Natural Vanilla Fragrance– We use EWG 1 rated products only! The final physical ingredient and the least used, we only use the most pure fragrance we can find
& LOVE – free of charge though quite possibly the most potent ingredient of them all!
AND did you notice!? No gimmick advertising of our NEW LOOK or how plant-based we are!?? We do not need to boast about our high quality ingredients and all natural recipes through pictures and color palettes.
We do that through the effectiveness of our products and the easy to read and understand ingredient labels! With ALL of our ingredients rating on the EWG scale at a 1, we know we are using the best options we have access to, to do the job you are buying them to do!
This is what we call a win / win for us ALL!!!
Our Pure and Simple deodorant bar is currently available in our GO NATUREL Starter Kit and all month long you can get a FREE Everything Stick with your purchase of the starter kit! This kit also includes our tooth polish and an all natural, plastic free bamboo toothbrush!
Grab your kit at www/
To learn more about The Environmental Working Group (EWG) and the rating scale they use to help consumers know what is in their beauty and cleansing products, check this out! 
Happy Friday Quench Naturel Family! We appreciate you!

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