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Our top 5 tips for staying mentally clear as a family in uncertain times

Posted by Allana Taylor on
Our top 5 tips for staying mentally clear as a family in uncertain times

Staying mentally strong in uncertain times

A lot has changed for us all over the last few months. Taking the time to be conscious of how we spend our time has been the most important part of thriving during this COVID quarantine. Our family has been spending our time together with more focus and strategy and it all started with our minds!


Mental health is the underlying cause of most of humanities challenges. Everything starts in the mind! When stress becomes the norm in society, it becomes very clear just how vital strong mental health is! With access to the internet, we have endless options for ways we can create healthy habits at home for us all! 


Here are our top 5 ways we are staying mentally strong during the quarantine. We hope you are finding what works for you and your family and are staying sane out there! 

Top 5 ways we are staying healthy during the quarantine

#1 Eat whole foods

Each time we eat, we chose to eat something that promotes health or something that degrades health. Our bodies are made to perfectly breakdown and process the natural vitamins and minerals of nature though they do not do as well with processed, man-made food. When we eat a lot of shelf-stable food, our bodies starve for nutrition and struggle to function properly. Add in stress and a low activity lifestyle and we have a recipe for disaster. Our immune system is weakened and we become more susceptible to harsher and longer illness and these days, even death. 

 So, how can we make sure we are eating a well-balanced diet, full of nutrient-dense foods that our body can use and thrive from?!

One way we have been focused on that works well for the entire family is daily smoothies! And who doesn't love a smoothie? Smoothies are convenient, on-the-go meals that add an extra boost of fiber, antioxidants, and a whole lot of plant goodness. That's one of the best things about a smoothie too; diversity! We add it all to our super boosters! Ever try raw ginger in your blueberry banana smoothie? How about turmeric with coconut, strawberry, and mango? These roots blend perfectly with the sweet fruit. Add in a few handfuls of greens for extra fiber and antioxidant boost.


Try this simple green smoothie recipe out:

1/2 cup coconut milk

1/2 cup pineapple juice

2 cups fresh spinach

1-inch fresh turmeric root

1 oz frozen pineapple

1 oz frozen mango

1 frozen, chopped banana

2 Medjool dates

Blend well in high powered blender. Top with coconut whip cream




#2 Focus on activities that promote mindfulness

Have you tried yoga yet? How about mindful stretching? Sometimes yoga sounds more challenging than it has to be. Sure, there are some advanced yoga moves out there, though the foundation of yoga is activating the body through stretching and mental focus. When we think of what we are doing with our body and stay in tune with each movement of our muscles, we are doing yoga!
As a family, mindful stretching aka yoga is a great bonding experience and helps the children have a moment each day to stop and tune into their thoughts and desires. It is also helping all of our bodies feel strong and flexible and keeps our immune system stimulated and working to protect keep us well. 

#3 Find ways to get things done together

Many parents are working from home during quarantine and with school scheduled to start in the coming weeks, the need to figure out how to balance it all (work, school, and fun) is being pressed upon us. Children are highly isolated this summer, so its important that they get ample time to play and make positive memories during a stressful time. 

Our children know we must work and that they must find different ways to entertain and stimulate themselves. They do a great job of it, exploring the many tools we have available from outdoor sports to making videos for mom and dad's businesses. We are giving each other space to explore the day and get things done and we are also finding ways to do things together. Our bonds are strengthening and our children are growing in new ways. You never know what new situations will bring.


#4 Use plant based-products to keep toxins minimal

Now of course this one is we are a little biased with, though the significance of natural body care is so big in our health that we must continue to let the world know; what you put on your skin matters and it affects your whole health!

"Parabens, plastics, phthalates, and pesticides all have 2 things in common: they’re disrupting your endocrine system (also known as hormones!) and they’re hiding in your cosmetics and skincare." ( Our entire body is being attacked by most of the commercial skincare products on the market today. These companies use many different laboratories created chemical compounds to stretch there products and ultimately make higher profits. These additives have been proven by scientific and societal studies; it is obvious that what we are eating and using on our skin and in our homes, is making us sick. Mental health does not escape this conversation.

As stated above, chemical additives interfere with our hormonal production and generally create an unhealthy internal environment. Why risk adding more harmful toxins into your life by choosing to put them directly onto your body every day? Wouldn't it make more sense if we just changed our minds about commercial skin and oral care and made the switch to an all-natural brand Quench Naturel!? We make it easy to use toxin-free skincare because that is all we make! All of our ingredients are EWG1 rated, which is the highest rating in skincare quality and we are committed to standing firm in this!

Other than being toxin-free, our products are also diverse and have many different uses. Like our Lavender Chamomile Skin Toner; an amazingly fresh and soothing skin toner that not only tones and hydrates the skin, it also acts as an aromatherapy session! Both lavender and chamomile are great at reducing stress and releasing anxiety. Using plant-based, all-natural products bring a multitude of goodness to our daily lives! Align with Plants!

#5 Increase daily vitamin intake

Lastly, though not least, we increased our daily Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin D. These 3 nutrients play a super important role in healthy, active immune systems so we are making sure we all are getting plenty of each. Of course, our daily smoothies are adding to our vitamin intake, and keeping active and keeping stress low is also helping us better absorb our nutrients and use the fuel we are feeding ourselves. 

Overall this quarantine has been good to our family and we are thankful we can share what is working for us with you all. There are many hidden gems of opportunity to build healthier and stronger families nowadays and we want to encourage you all to commit to doing just that! Life is made to survive and this virus will not be the thing that changes that. 

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To our health and our happiness! Quench Naturel is here with you!

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