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A rainbow salad a day, keeps the Doctor away!

Posted by Allana Taylor on
A rainbow salad a day, keeps the Doctor away!

What is a rainbow salad?

A rainbow salad is a cold, raw, plant-based salad that includes all colors of the rainbow! Yup! It is as simple as it sounds. Rainbow salads are diverse and nutrient dense meals or additions to meals that have a large variety of vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. They can include any blend of plants you have available to you or that you enjoy. The goal is just to have one plant from every color of the rainbow. Need examples?

RED: Red peppers, red beets, red grapes, red carrots, red chard (in greens too), tomatoes, goji berries

ORANGE: Turmeric, carrots, orange sweet peppers, cantaloupe, oranges

YELLOW: Carrots, mangoes, cauliflower, sweet peppers, tomatoes, squash

GREEN: (you can never have enough greens!) kale, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, peppers, parsely, chard, dandelion, collard greens, cucumbers, moringa, pistachios, basil, beet greens, celery, apples

BLUE/PURPLE: Cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, potatoes, onions, eggplant, blueberries, raspberries

In season plants are normally more nutrient dense than out of season plants. Local options are best and liking your selections matters too. Choose your favorites, cut the veggies into bite size pieces and mix your salad!

We keep a large bowl of rainbow salad in our fridge with a paper towel over it throughout the week. Handfuls are always ready to grab and add to all plates that leave the kitchen. Prep a new salad every other day or every 4-5 meals.Rainbow salads are a great way to stretch family meals and even tie together most recipes.

Add it to spaghetti, burritos, ramen, rice, mushrooms, enchiladas, bean patties, hummus, lasagna, tacos, stew, casseroles, beans, lentils and so much more!

Check these dishes out! A rainbow salad is used in each meal!

To learn more about the rainbow salad and how you can use it in all of your meals, check out Healing Kitchen LIVE, a Facebook live cooking show that is dedicated to sharing 100% plant-based meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner that all included a rainbow salad!One rainbow salad a day keeps the dr away!!! This really is true. Healthy guts are linked to healthy fiber absorption through plants. Healthy guts lead to healthy brains and balanced energy levels. Rainbow salads will help digestive and, sleep issues, depression, IBS, Crohn’s, water retention and fluid movement. They will help clear skin, burn calories and regulate hunger. Rainbow salads are a win for everyone!

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